Monday, January 4, 2010

Unity's Jan. 2010 Kit of the Month...

is another winner!!  Seriously, how do they do it! Every kit Every month unique and fun!  LOVE Unity's Kit of the Month!!!
Here's a card made with the mushroom stamp....see that cute little snail crawling up the side!?! CA-UTE!  Paper is from Cosmo Cricket.
I also thought you might like a peek at our 'P' party we had on New Year's Eve.  It turned out the the two older kids (my teenagers) had parties at friends houses so it was just mom, dad and the two cuties.  We had pizza, pop, Pringles, potatoes chips, pickles, pop corn and I found these cookies called Pinwheels, chocolate and marshmallow goodness.  It was the dinner of champions ;)


Jessica Diedrich said...

This card is beautiful, Natalie! Your coloring is just gorgeous!

slbt17 said...

love it!