Sunday, January 9, 2011

My friend Abbie...

gave me a wonderful gift. 
It's called a 'comfort wrap' and it is soo awesome!
You can wear it on your shoulders to relieve tension
(which is maybe why she thought I needed it :) )  
But I found the BEST use for it ever!  
you see...
I'm a girl with leg issues I get leg aches all the time, have since I was a little girl.   
The other night my hips were hurting, my knees were hurting and I remembered my comfort wrap!
I warmed it up and it worked like a charm! 
It fit from my hip all the way down to my knee.  
MUCH better than a hot water bottle!  I LOVE this thing!
  if your feet are cold at night you could warm this, put it at the bottom of your bed 
and fall to sleep much quicker.
I love this thing.  
Abbie has an etsy store called Abbiesolutely where she sells the pattern for this wonderful gift...
I would love it if you'd take a peek at her store and see what you think!

You can see it in this picture, it on the right
 Thanks for stopping by :)

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