Sunday, November 2, 2014

You are amazing from head to soul

How was your weekend?
Mine went by WAY too fast!
Hubby and I drove 4 hours (one way) for a 
surprise Birthday dinner for hubs boss...
it was a great dinner, but made for a 
really long day.
We did make a stop at Ikea but there were
so many people there that we could hardly move,
and the check out line was sooooo 
my Raskgog Cart is going to have to wait

I've been having some fun
playing around with a few little trinkets and one of my favorite
Unity Stamp Company Stamps,
It came in one of the past Kit of the Months.
It is a favorite kit of mine, one I seem to turn to a LOT!
a little bit of a collage, but kinda fun

A helpful hint
 use your glue gun to help adhere things like flowers and wooden shapes
it dries quickly and holds well.

Tomorrow starts a busy work week for me, I'm tired just thinking about it :)
thanks for stopping by!

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