Wednesday, May 14, 2008

An update on my scrappy area!

The base boards are on, the walls are primed and painted. I had this color that some of the basement was painted's a gorgeous color but when I painted the big wall it was just too dark, so off to Home Depot I go. The new color is two shades lighter and it's nice. Not very exciting but still a nice color. I hope to get another coat of paint on in the morning and let it dry and move my stuff back in place Friday night.

I really miss playing with my paper and stuff. It's been over a week since I've done anything and I am going into serious withdrawals! But I do have a layout to share. I made it for my LSS.


kshand said...

Such a sweet picture and layout Natalie. Can't wait to see your new room.

Leah said...

cute page! and what sweet journaling. Hope your room is done soon!

Laura Davis said...

Natalie, I cant wait to see the finished room! I love your LO:)