Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Button Love!!

yes, it's true...all shapes, sizes and colors
so imagine my surprise when I was visiting my new favorite antique/junk store
and spied this little jar of buttons peeking out from behind the counter
I asked the guy about it and he said "oh, nobody likes white buttons".

so he let me have this jar of gorgeous, worn, old buttons :)
and this is what I made :)
doesn't it go perfectly with my little vintage felt deer!

Thanks for stopping by!
I"m off to take  Bryson for a check up and he get's his stitches out today.
He is really happy about that!


Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

I was gonna say...I know someone who LOVES
Natalie I love this tree! B - will feel so much more comfortable with his stitches out...its going to be a great day! Did my card come in the mail yet?

LL said...

That is just darling!

You do love buttons. Every time I see a loose button now I think of you. :-)

Pearlann66 said...

Buttons are funny... some people know how AWESOME they are and some don't.!!! I go to the flea market and I've got some awesome deals on jars of buttons before, I think if it's a man vs a woman, you get a better deal from a man, they don't know how AWESOME buttons are to us crafters!!! LOL

Ashley Newell said...

Wow, this is GORGEOUS!!! I love it!

Lisa H. said...

THUD!!!!! what a SCORE for you :)

Unknown said...

wow, I cant believe it such an amazing tree ;)
way to go, hope you find some more ;)

Leah said...

and where is this new favorite store? it's gotta be nearby... you must share with me! lol