Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How about some Ippity Sneak Peeks!!

Here's a peek at the different set's that I have up for sale!  
Come back tomorrow when I can show you everything!!!  
The Official Ippity release is tomorrow and I hope to find time tonight to make a few cards to share using the new kits!! 
I'm off to the big city today taking Bryson for one of his routine MRI's.
We are so excited that he has graduated to every three months!!  that 6 week business was getting old!
(If you get the chance could you pray for no tumor regrowth.  I'm quite confident that everything is ok but there is always that fear.)


Jennifer said...

Such cute sneak peaks. LOVE unity sentiments! They are the BEST!

Marilyn Nimmo said...

Of course I'll send up prayers for your Bryson!!! Love the sneak peeks.

Angie Blom said...

sending lots of prayers and HUGE HUGS!! great sneaks!!

liannallama said...

such a cute card and I will say a prayer!