Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm back from CHA!!!

I had such an amazing time! There was SOOO much to see-pure eye candy!! I do think for me the best part was meeting some of my longtime 'online' friends! I stayed with Jen and Renee, and have to say that I really felt like we were the best of friends! they were both so fun to hang around! and then of course rest of the Scrappin Sports Design Team and 'Others' (except for Bryan...whose idea of "walking distance" is a little wonky :) tee hee just kiddin' Bryan!) I LOVED sharing the HUGEST piece of carrot Cake ever with them!

I met the Unity crew, they are all amazing people, I feel bad that I didn't get to spend more time with them....

I'm sad to say that I accidentally deleted most of my pictures from CHA (enter REALLY sad face here). My friend Renee is gonna help me out tho...my favorite booths were
Unity - Filled with THE NICEST people EVER!
Chatterbox....totally beyond amazing--gotta find some of their stuff!
Little Yellow Bicycle..such attention to detail
Maya Road....Oh me oh my...amazing amazing!
a new company called GCP (is that it Renee?) LOVED it!...I'll find a link soon!
and this little new company Mollie and Mac keep your eye on them!!! such nice ladies and ooo the paper..fabulous fabulous!!

gotta run!


Jen said...

Super fun meeting you too Nat! I do feel like life long friends...weird huh :) Too funny about Bryan...LOL

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

Natalie I loved finally getting to meet you! It was strange - it felt like we've know each other forever! OMG the walk was too funny! The photos will be in the mail by the end of the week.

kshand said...

It was great meeting you Natalie.

lauren bergold said...

you lucky LUCKY duck!!! i am soooo envious! cannot wait to hear more about your trip! (*bummer* about the pics tho--but nice that your friends have some, too!)

Kim said...

How did I miss you???? Ack! I am so bummed!!!!