Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!

It's a wonderful day at my house...hope it is wonderful for you too! My dear hubby and kiddos were up early making me a card. My dh could really become a wonderful card maker :) here's what he made for me!

Blessings to all you mother's out there! You rock!


Laura Davis said...

Happy Mother's Day Natalie!

Leah said...

Great card! Watch out Nat he's going to take over your scrap space!

Totally off topic: Do you know if we're meeting this week?

danja said...

Hi Nat,
can you email me please about some custom work? danja

janet said...

Hey, Nat! I miss hanging out with you too. Glad you had a great Mother's Day! Love the card your husband made...will he be posting on the sites?? Hope you have a good week. Talk to you soon.

kshand said...

Love the card your husband made for you...what a thoughtful guy! Hope your day was Special.

lauren bergold said...

OMG!!! he should TOTALLY enter that in the caliente challenge...i'd sooooooooo vote for him...WHAT A GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)