Saturday, March 1, 2008

It's a Micro Challenge!!

You gotta check out Caardvarks!! Here's whats happening!

Are you ready for a MICRO CHALLENGE? It's been a while... As many of you know, our Micros are fast & furious ONE DAY challenges. You have until midnight tomorrow night (March 2nd) to link your card for this challenge. Oh, I guess it would be helpful to let you know *what* the challenge is all about! JUST SAY NO TO PATTERNED PAPER! Feel free to make your own patterned paper, but we don't wanna see any pp on your card. Resist the urge and go cardstock only. :) We'll add your cards to the Micro Cardstock Gallery as time allows.

You sooo wanna do this!! the prize is da bomb!! whooop whooop!!!
Here's the card I did for the challenge!!


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL card Nat! I hope to get to this challenge! Thanks for introducing me to caardvarks!

Leah said...

ooh pretty!

Martha said...

Knockout....thanks for the inspiration!

Jolene said...

This is stunning! Love the scallops and the branch.