Monday, February 25, 2008


I've lost my mojo and can't seem to find it! PLEASE if you see it can you send it my way?? I have many projects I would like to work on.


kshand said...

I can't believe that you ever lose your mojo. You always AMAZE me with your creations.

Leah said...

Natalie - if you find your mojo will you check to see if mine is there with it? Mine has been missing for about 3 weeks....

Maybe we should have a photo lesson Tuesday at the next meeting...we can annoy the girls lol!

The red basket - I got downtown at The Shoppes on Mill - they only had the one - but there was a greenish one a bit bigger at The Red Rooster. I think there was one similar in the window at Fibber McGee's too.

See you next week. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm needin' some of that mojo too. I think it left my end of town. :)
Don't ya just wish we could meet up somewhere and scrap together? That's be a blast!