Thursday, January 10, 2008

Oh my neck...

is killing me! I have had the worst kinked neck ever the last two days and it just seems to get worse. I'm thinking it may be time for a pillow change. anyone have any suggestions???

I do have a couple of projects to share despite the neck issue :) I used more of the Scenic Route Loveland papers...seriously I'm almost finished with them! I used Tin Box Creations stamps on both projects. The layout is about my son and a promise he made to me! No kissing girls, and no girls kissing him- (hence the future part) (besides family!) in all of 2008. We will re-evaluate sometime the end of 2008 and talk about 2009!

Here's a love card where I filled in the open alpha with stickles for some sparkle...and I just can't stop using big beautiful bows!!

Well, I'm off to a playdate for Lauren...happy thursday!


Jen said...

Nat! I had to laugh at the no kissing girls...we have our son on tape saying that very same thing a few years ago...he also promised to never drive and never move out of our house...too funny! to say the least I love the layout...great idea! might have to lift that from ya ;)

Cute card what you did with the stickles!

twinsand2boys said...

Cute layout and card. I think its funny about the no kissing layout, but I have that discussion with my boys...they are too young to be kissing but ya never know. LOL.