Monday, October 8, 2007

One step forward- 5 steps back

That seems to be the way my son's health is going right now. He has suffered from all of the following since his surgery on Sept 27

*Pulmonary Edema (almost lost him)
*high blood pressure
*Low Blood Salt(who knew?), caused his brain to swell
*had to have his incision partially reopened and resown shut because it was leaking spinal fluid (not good!)
*Lumbar Drain inserted because his incision was leaking
*continuing rising white blood cell count
* Atelectesis (collapsing of the lungs, particularly his lower right)
*Had a PIC line put in for meds and it showed infection so had to be pulled
and the Dr.s are still unsure as to what is causing his skyrocketing white blood cell count.

All this is happening so we can't even address the side affects of the surgery. One of the tumors was growing INTO his brain stem and the dr. was careful but tried to get as much of the tumor as he could. There will be side affects, just not sure yet how severe.

Today is day 12 at the hospital. Bryson asked if he could please just come home for one day. It breaks my heart to see him so sick. Right now DH and I are taking turns staying at the hospital and being with the other kids. We drive back and forth everyday to make the switch. It's getting old for everyone.


Anonymous said...

Hugs and prayers!

Raechelle Bellus said...

I will keep him in my prayers, you, too mom! (((big hugs)))

~Rachel~ said...

I will send lots of warm thoughts and hugs your way.

Anonymous said...

Huge Hugs....I had no idea you were going through this....we will keep him in our prayers.

Amber said...

Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

twinsand2boys said...

Nat, Im so sorry you have to deal with all these trials. Youre in my thoughts and prayers ((((HUGS))))

Anonymous said...

Oh Nat, my heart hurts for you all!!! Praying for God's power and strength to make all things well. HUGS!!!

Tammy Gray said...

I am so sorry that he is struggling so badly right now. You all certainly have my prayers.