Tuesday, October 16, 2007

He's getting better and better!

Bryson is doing better ever day! He is getting speech therapy to help him with his swallowing and that's our main focus right now! Here is a layout I did for Happy Scrappin before Bryson's surgery! It will be so nice to have that kid home!

On a side note- It's awesome to have the Surgeon that we do with the contacts that he has! Dr. K is sending some of Bryson's info to the "Head of Radiation" at St. Judes to find out about treating Bryson with radiation a second time. I hope it's safe- I would like every chance of fighting the tumor so that it doesn't come back again!


Raechelle Bellus said...

He's been through so much! He's still in my prayers and I sure hope he can make it home soon!

Anabelle O'Malley said...

He's been in my prayers. Hope you all can be home together soon.

Jen said...

Hey Nat,

I have just tagged you! Check out my blog to get the details.


Anonymous said...

Your layout is BEAUTIFUL! And so happy to read it's going well!