Friday, August 3, 2007

little update on ds

We went to the neuro. on Wed. He wants us to pick a time in the next month or two when he can do the surgery to remove the tumor. Ds will have some side effects from the surgery, which will hopefully be temporary.

So when should we do it? Should we let ds start 2nd grade, go for a few week then have the surgery? Or should he miss the first few weeks of school because of the surgery? If he went for a month the kids would see he was a "normal" boy, if he had the surgery first, the kids would see him as a child with 'issues'. What do you think??


armywife said...

Hi Nat! I thought I woud check out your blog. If it were me I would have him start school late. It is mostly review at the beginning of the year which you could do a little with him during recovery and it would be more like he was a 'new' student type deal - no one might notice he was starting 'late' per say??

Anonymous said...

Hi Nat, I love your blog; didn't know you had one.

I have the opposite opinion on school for your DS. I think should let him start with everyone else. I think it is harder to go in later, because he will miss the first few weeks of bonding with the other kids. If he goes in late, he will be like the new kid coming in or like the odd man out. I use to teach school and have seen how it is hard on kids to come in later in the school year.

Also, may teach the lesson that life goes on even with illness and let the other children know that he is not really different than they are.

Good luck to him and my prayers are with you all.

Joan (Joansie)