Thursday, April 26, 2007

An AWESOME new contest at Scrappin With Grace!! presents a thrilling new contest:
"Jump on our court and SLAM DUNK with 3 Bugs in a Rug". The court is now open for sign-ups and the contest will run from May 3rd through May 21st!

Slamin' Jammin' in your face TALENT is what the SLAM DUNK contest is all about!
Is your talent:
- rim breaking?,
- backboard shaterin'?
- whoopin' hootin' eyeball talent,
or perhaps it is in a category "all in it's own"

Whatever you've got - Bring it! - to our "Jump on our court and SLAM DUNK with 3 bugs in a Rug"

With the "hoops contest" we had your working as a team but now we wanna see what you can do on your own!! (*you did not need to participate in the "hoops contest" to participate in our SLAM DUNK contest).

There will be 3 categories for our SLAM DUNK contest.
1. Best layout
2. Best Card
3. Best altered project

*3 Bugs Design Team will be choosing their favorite in each category. The winner in each category will win an AWESOME prize package from 3 Bugs! And will also be featured on the 3 Bugs in a Rug website! All prizes (prize packages will be announced at our online crop May 25th where we will host a celebrity chat with 3 Bugs!)

So are you eyes going buggy at the possibility of winning some 3 Bugs products?.....and you are starting to think "how can I get involved?" I am glad you asked..

There are 2 ways to play in our "Jump on our court and SLAM DUNK with 3 Bugs in a Rug".

1. Do you want to shoot for the stars?
Want to win a 3-month stint on the very talented SWG design team? Participate in all 3 challenges (layout, card and altered project). There will be a seperate folder where you will upload your images for voting. You may only upload 1 image in each category for the dt stint. The current design team will be voting on your completion of the project, your ability to follow instructions and your creative abilities. At the end of the contest we will announce who will be joining us on the SWG design team for a 3-month stint (July through September 2007) *those going for the design team are also eligible for the awesome 3 Bugs prizes!

2. Are prizes more your thing?
Don't want to be on the design team, no problem. 3 Bugs will be picking their favorite for each category and awarding a prize package in each area (card, layout, and altered item). You can choose to only participate in 1 area or all 3 areas. it doesn't matter - but you do need to complete and upload each challenge by the due date (which will be announced when each challenge is issued). You may upload up to 3 images for each category to be judged. (P.S. SWG Design Team - you may also try out for the prizes as 3 Bugs Design Team is judging... )

Are you ready to sign up? Head on over to our message board at Category: SLAM DUNK Contest.

Who will break the backboard and be joining us on our DT? Who will shine in talent and win some awesome prizes from 3 Bugs and be featured on their site? it is anyone's game!

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